Goals & Objectives

Once the background work is done, it's time to set Goals & Objectives for the company.  Generally, Goals & Objectives includes the following:


uCompany Goals

u   Company Definition - Who do you want to be as a company?
u   Market Definition - What part of the overall market will you participate in?
   uMarket Position - What position in that market segment will you occupy?
uFinancial Objectives
u    Gross Sales - How much will you sell this year, next year, in 5 years?
    uCost of Goods - What will you pay for the goods you sell & can it be reduced?
u    Net Income - How much will increasing Sales and reducing costs change your net?
u    Return on Investment - How can your increase the productivity of your investment?
uMarketing Objectives
u    Sales Dollars - Quantify projected sales in dollars.
u    Sales Units - Quantify projected sales in units.
u    Market Share - What % of the total market will you sell?
    uDistribution Channels - What channels will you use? Retail, Wholesale, Contract?
u    Advertising Awareness - How much awareness of your company will your target customers have?

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